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New Company Formation In Dubai

New Company Formation in Dubai

Company Formation in Dubai
Company Formation in Dubai

“New Company Formation in Dubai”

Hassle-free business in UAE with Kaper All-In_clusive!

Finally decided to move abroad, expanding your business or simply enlarging your sales horizons and go east?

Would you open your new business in Dubai or are you planning to do it?

Do you want to profit on the opportunities that the UAE is supporting in the Business field?

There is just one question: How?

Several complicated things will start to pop up: Registration, Formation, Relations with the Establishment, the opening, all quite hard tasks if you are approaching the UAE for the first time.

You will have to deal with Taxation, Vat, Licenses, Banks, Government and more. All of this is usually dealt from your Business development department, but “How” could they do it in a country they don’t know? How could they deliver the needed documentation without the right support, someone that knows exactly how the country works?

Kaper proposes clear, transparent solutions in simple steps, that will support the best of your ideas, applying their long tested strategic services.

We are “the” consultant company and we’ll help your new business start in Dubai.

We provide advice’s services, issuing trade licenses and everything regarding company formation and registration. We help in all governmental process to establish new companies.

A team of professional specialists will wait for you, ready to answer all your questions and doubts. You will feel welcomed by people with several years of experience able to understand businesses from different perspectives, supporting your new path in the UAE with the right tools and the perfect strategy to be, as soon as possible, ready-to-start, comfortable and respectful of the law. You will be provided with documents and pieces of information to start, with your new company, your new business in Dubai.

 Kaper helped already thousands of businesses to set up and start developing their market and today is the market leader for any company (multinational companies or growing start-ups) that want to step a foot in the United Arab Emirates.

Kaper can help your company in many different ways, according to the requested needs, we’ll prepare the ad-hoc solution for your business

Why choosing Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other city in the UAE as your new business city?

Company Formation in Dubai
Company Formation in Dubai

Freezones benefits:

  • Freezones are exempted from commercial taxes, building license fees, import/export duties and much more convenient support for new business.
  • Freezones have regulations that boost business and an environment that act to protect it. Is the perfect place where starting a business.
  • Freezones permit the ownership of the new company created to be 100% to a foreign person.
  • Freezones maintain a high standard regarding everyday life (transportation, infrastructure, relax, etc) becoming the perfect incubator for rising business and new ideas that will impact worldwide everybody’s lives.

Kaper can support you! Every business start with your needs and the plan you have in mind. You can easily book an appointment or contact us through our home page, there you’ll find all the details to be in touch with us.

 Don’t wait for your market to get crowd, start easily your new path for your work, supported by a professional team of expert and realize the new frontier in the United Arab Emirates.

Call us today and feel welcomed in the United Arab Emirates.

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