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Companies Establishment

Companies establishment

So you need help with company establishment in Dubai! Perhaps, you’d like to form a service business. Maybe, you’ve a knack for a manufacturing unit. No matter what you prefer, the region offers immense opportunities to startups as well as established businesses. Also, the standard of living of the locals favors business prospects. You may even toss a venture for global customers. The choice is all yours. However, starting your business can be quite a headache. You want someone who could get through the tedious procedure of companies establishment. That’s what Kaper business consultant does for you.

Finally decided to move abroad, expanding your business or simply enlarging your sales horizons and go east?

Would you open your new business in Dubai or are you planning to do it?

Do you want to profit on the opportunities that the UAE is supporting in the Business field?

There is just one question: How?

Several complicated things will start to pop up: Registration, Formation, Relations with the Establishment, the opening, all quite hard tasks if you are approaching the UAE for the first time.

You will have to deal with Taxation, Vat, Licenses, Banks, Government and more. All of this is usually dealt from your Business development department, but “How” could they do it in a country they don’t know? How could they deliver the needed documentation without the right support, someone that knows exactly how the country works?

Kaper proposes clear, transparent solutions in simple steps, that will support the best of your ideas, applying their long tested strategic services.

We are “the” consultant company and we’ll help your new business start in Dubai.

We provide advice’s services, issuing trade licenses and everything regarding company formation and registration. We help in all governmental process to establish new companies.

A team of professional specialists will wait for you, ready to answer all your questions and doubts. You will feel welcomed by people with several years of experience able to understand businesses from different perspectives, supporting your new path in the UAE with the right tools and the perfect strategy to be, as soon as possible, ready-to-start, comfortable and respectful of the law. You will be provided with documents and pieces of information to start, with your new company, your new business in Dubai.

 Kaper helped already thousands of businesses to set up and start developing their market and today is the market leader for any company (multinational companies or growing start-ups) that want to step a foot in the United Arab Emirates.

Kaper can help your company in many different ways, according to the requested needs, we’ll prepare the ad-hoc solution for your business

Why choosing Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other city in the UAE as your new business city?

New Company Formation in Dubai
New Company Formation in Dubai

Freezones benefits:

  • Freezones are exempted from commercial taxes, building license fees, import/export duties and much more convenient support for new business.
  • Freezones have regulations that boost business and an environment that act to protect it. Is the perfect place where starting a business.
  • Freezones permit the ownership of the new company created to be 100% to a foreign person.
  • Freezones maintain a high standard regarding everyday life (transportation, infrastructure, relax, etc) becoming the perfect incubator for rising business and new ideas that will impact worldwide everybody’s lives.

Kaper can support you! Every business start with your needs and the plan you have in mind. You can easily book an appointment or contact us through our home page, there you’ll find all the details to be in touch with us.

 Don’t wait for your market to get crowd, start easily your new path for your work, supported by a professional team of expert and realize the new frontier in the United Arab Emirates.




Why choose an agency for setting up a new company in Dubai?



When it boils down to starting a venture, you’ve two likely options. First, you may assume all the legwork on your own. Without seeking professional advice and guidance, you may choose the venture you like and get along. The second option includes calling a reputable agency dedicated to Dubai establishment company. Entrepreneurs who choose the former option regret it at a later date. Hiring an expert for the project seems a much better option. At Kaper consulting, we render everything you need to float your dream venture. Here are our services.



The choice of the business



Some marketers are desperate to form a new company. However, they lack the necessary knowledge of the niche. They believe that they can manage to sell literally any product. While such confidence pays off, over-confidence can lead to blunders. What if the chosen venture doesn’t align with your needs?



It’s also possible that local restrictions might keep you from running your desired business. We understand all these points and come in handy to resolve your worries. Whether it’s the selection of the niche or the location, we lend a helping hand to our clients. By choosing the right market for you, we pave the path for your success.



Formation formalities



Entrepreneurs often overlook the vital facet of forming the venture. They assume that the procedure might be straightforward. Most of them hardly check the process in detail. So, they run into issues from time to time. Not following the formation process can delay your business. Not just that, you may have to face huge fines for non-compliance with government regulations.



Do you want to face such episodes? Obviously, no! So, why not turn to an expert in the field? At Kaper, we specialize in company establishment in Dubai? No matter the nature of your venture, we step in to solve your issues. Our trained staff can fulfill all the formalities like a breeze. All you should do is provide the necessary details. Within no time, we’ll finish everything required to start a venture in your preferred location.


Companies establishment

Companies establishment




Some business owners equate the formation of a company with registration. However, there’s some difference between the two terminologies. Forming a company involves all the paperwork associated with initiating a new venture. Registration involves listing your company at relevant authorities. Registration is also necessary to obtain local permits. If you miss anything, you’ll get back to square one.



No entrepreneur is ready to face such hassles. Kaper consulting, the establishment company expert understands the pressing situation a business owner may encounter when forming a company. Our experts are well aware of all issues related to the registration process. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just follow our advice and we’ll handle everything for you.



Why choose us for companies establishment in Dubai?



At this point, you know how useful the services of a reliable business forming agency could be. So, you may be eager to pick the one in haste. However, don’t lose patience. If you do so, you may finish up with the wrong agency. Not all services are legitimate. Some fake agencies are simply waiting to rip you financially. Then others offer substandard services.



You’ll waste your precious time as well as money by picking the wrong agency. You want an expert in the field. This is where Kaper consulting comes into play. We tender top of the line expertise to your fullest satisfaction. Here is why you may want to hire us for setting up a new venture in Dubai.



Quick process



Forming and registering a company in Dubai involves a ton of legwork. You may have to wait for months to get things in order. However, by that time, you might lose enough of your potential clients, thanks to the ever-growing competition. Your desire to make a quick jump-start can easily become a nightmare.



We understand the situation and work hard to finish the process on time. Whether it’s formalities or the registration, we thrive to complete all the hassles of company establishment in Dubai in less time. So, you get to dive into your venture without further delays. A well-formed company within short notice gives you an edge over others even in a competitive market.


Companies establishment




Experience matters most in any field. It pays off dearly in the short run and the long run. This is why established businesses enjoy an edge in the competition. Often starters fear being lagged behind in the race due to the lack of experience. In addition to marketing experience, you need help with production, location, finance, and other issues. So, how do you handle such aspects?



You need professionals that carry years of experience in setting and running a venture. That’s what Kaper business consultant possesses. Our team has experienced professionals that can ensure profitable companies establishment startups. Plus, they’ll see to it that you don’t run out of the race on the experience ground. Our dedicated team will impart their time-honored knowledge and let you scale amid tough competition.


Freezones benefits



It takes time before your new venture settles. You may run out of funds during the initial years. So, saving money at all levels becomes essential. You might make attempts on your end, but the lack of experience may run against you. Your contenders might enjoy an edge on cost on certain points. So, coping with the competition can be like a battle.



We know this point well and help you enjoy freezones benefits. Free zones enjoy exemption from building license fees, commercial taxes, export/import duties, and a lot besides. We provide the necessary details on freezones and let you reap the advantages of forming a new company in Dubai. By tapping these perks, you can bring down your cost and save yourself from taxes and other issues.






Support stands paramount when you’re a new player. Your competitors might drive you out of the scene in your initial years. They might play petty tricks to scare you. At times, they’ll bring down the price to throw you out of the competition. Sooner or later, you might be compelled to close your operations. Your dream of running a successful venture could get shattered.



We know the business arena and the dirty tricks being played on. Our experts will guide you on how to combat your competitors. Plus, they’ll help you formulate innovative strategies that should outsmart your contenders. Surprised by your moves, your competitors will stop playing their dirty game. That should relieve you from undesirable worries. Plus, you’ll get to focus on your core competencies for betterment.



Competitive charges



Starters usually take a do it yourself route when floating their venture. Since they run short of funds, they hardly give a thought to a company forming agency. They try to cut corners on this aspect. Sadly, a majority of these entrepreneurs pay a hefty price in the long run. Some businesses shut down within short notice. Then others struggle for a while and close their operations.



It’s better to invest some money in hiring a proficient expert instead of repenting later. Kaper consulting charges a reasonable sum for whatever services you need. You may even seek a custom quote that suits your budget. The options stand virtually limitless. In case you feel confused, we help you with your budget too. In the end, our establishment company services turn out to be incredibly cost-effective.






Many newbie entrepreneurs carry a conservative mind. They don’t believe the claims of business formation services. If you come into this category, you should thank yourself for your attitude. Being a bit skeptical is imperative when just getting started. That keeps you from falling prey to false claims. Also, it saves you from throwing money on useless advice.



But not all agencies are the same. Some are really helpful for your venture. So, how do you figure out the legitimacy of any agency? Checking reputation and reviews comes in handy. Find out how long the agencies have been in the companies establishment field. Also, check reviews posted by starters on popular review platforms.



Here, Kaper consulting takes pride in carrying better reviews and feedback. Contact our past and existing clients and find out their experience. Within no time, you could figure out our competency and legitimacy.



Final thoughts



Setting up a new company in Dubai can be extremely difficult. A ton of legwork and considerations goes into forming a successful venture. As a newbie, you may lack new establishment company skills and knowledge. So, why not turn to a proficient agency such as Kaper business consultant? In exchange for a small service charge, we help you establish your company and settle down soon. So, pick a phone and schedule an appointment now!

Call us today and feel welcomed in the United Arab Emirates.

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