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Branding & Rebranding

We can help you custom create your brand. Or if your business already exists, we can assist with re-banding to revamp your image.

Marketing & Social Media

Get your business out there, with our help. We’ll build a top notch marketing and social media plan to help get you noticed.

Business Plans

Part of running and efficient business and growing in your market sector is your business plan, and we have the blueprints.

Website & Online Prescence

You need a kick-a** website and captivating online profiles to catch customers attention. We’ll do it all for you.

Head Hunting

Need some help finding the right person for the job? We know lots of awesome people and can help build your team!

Organizational Structure

Not sure when to hire and when to outsource? We can assist you with organizing and structuring your business.

More About Us

We can do all sorts of things that you business might need. Just take a look at our services below. We can help with your branding, marketing, business plans, and more. Plus we’ll even lend a hand with hiring or organizational structure. And we build beautiful websites (of course, since everything we do is awesome). But that’s not all, we can do anything you might need. Just head on over to our contact page to send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Our Team

Margaret Johnson

Meet Margaret, or as our customers affectionately call her Marg. She founded and leads our little company. After attending Northwestern for undergrad, she went on to complete a number of internships in big business. After getting fed up with how impersonal it could be, she left to start her own company (this one).


Cameron Frahn

Cameron is our go to guy. He is full of creative ideas and has the skills to make just about anything happen. With multiple degrees and certifications in web design, graphic design, development and more there really isn’t anything he can’t create. Websites, apps, gifs, games, ad campaigns, cover images and more.


Janice Smith

Janice has connections in every industry. If you need a marketing or social media boost, she’s the gal. Never without her phone, Janice can help any business (she’s the one who knows someone who knows someone). She’s managed images and media profiles for lots of big companies, why not be one of them?

Recent News
09ديسمبر 20

تأسيس شركة عقارية في دبي

دبي مدينة نابضة بالحياة . لقد أثبتت البنية التحتية العالمية في دبي أنها لاعباً رئيسياً من حيث التجارة والسياحة وجذبت…

19فبراير 20

تأسيس شركة في دبي للاجانب

تتميز دبي بموقعها الإستراتيجى الذى يجعلها محط انظار الجميع  حيث ان دبي اصبحت عبارة عن مركز كبير يتم اقامة  العديد…

28نوفمبر 19

فتح سجل تجاري في دبي

لأن دبي اصبحت من اهم المراكز التجارية التى عرفها المستثمرون حيث ان التجارة والصناعة وجميع المجالات ازدهرت فى الآونة الأخيرة…

27نوفمبر 19

فتح سجل تجاري في الامارات

قد يحتاج العديد من الاشخاص الى القيام بعمل اعمال خاص ونشاطات تجارية جديدة وخاصة فى الامارات حيث ان الامارات اصبحت…

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